FarmClean cleaner for cubicles and slatted floor

In order to realise a wider range of products, SPAER also offers FarmClean. This very efficient machine of high performance, produced with the advance Danish technology, allows the handler to carry out many different operations at the same time in the cattle shed: the brush on the front part cleans the cubicle, the straw blower prepares a brand new bedding for the cow and the scraper is intended for scraping cow slurry on the slatted floor.

Thanks to the great versatility and functionality of FarmClean, it is possible to carry out all the mentioned operations: in a few minutes your shed will look completely different and with the least effort!


SPAER is the sole Italian authorized dealer.


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FarmClean 210




2WD FarmClean 110
4WD FarmClean 210


Overall width 95 cm

Overall length 330 cm

Overall height 125 cm

Weight 550 kg

Straw/sawdust capacity 725 lt

Side brush Ø 80 cm

Lime box capacity 15 lt

Engine 23 hp 3/LC diesel engine-power (oil and water cooled)


FarmClean cleans the cubicle, blows straw and removes slurry from the floor. Everything at the same time.



Just to mention a few of FarmClean advantages:


• time- and laboursaving
• fresh bedding every day
• daily mixing of disinfectant into the bedding
• clean boxes or pens contribute to low bacterial figures
• efficient cleaning
• minimum maintenance
• applicable in different types of stable and stalls
• Danish quality product designed to last for many years