ELECTRICAL HEAVY-DUTY 24 Volt 4 motored crush

Electrical heavy-duty 24 V crush with grid bottom + nonslip rubber mat base


Total width 125cm.

Internal width 74cm.

Total length 205cm.

Internal length 180cm.

Total height244cm.

Internal height 164cm.

Weight 460 Kg.

• Welded and galvanized extra strong tubular structure 60 x 40 mm
• Galvanizing of all components
• Wood base
• Restraint chain
• Nylon bellyband
• Control handle with safety hook (under belly)
• Full front opening with manual control
• Fixed wood foreleg lifter
• Independent electrical foreleg lifter
• Independent electrical backleg lifter
• Electrical panel with circuit breaker, circuit breakers with thermic release (engine savers), fuses, contactors

for reversing and emergency button
• Electrical panel with transformers 380 Volts to 24 Volts
• Raise and fall buttons fore- and backleg lifters on both sides