Our Company

SPAER has been operating in the agricultural industry since 1975 and in 1985 specialised in animal husbandry with a wide range of cattle crushes.
SPAER is a family run business whose first aim is expertise and high quality.



At present SPAER offer is made up of many types of products, all of them related to the cattle care and health.

SPAER is Italian leader in the production of cattle crushes, built with advanced technology and high quality materials that allow long lasting of the equipment, in conditions of maximum safety for both animals and handlers.SPAER cattle crushes are designed thanks to the advice, assistance and experience of vets specialised in hoof trimming. These crushes can also be used in performing different operations on animals. As a consequence, cattle welfare and production will be increased.In the SPAER crushes the animal is in a comfortable location. Each operation is therefore made by the operator so that he can work in safety conditions.



The hoof lifter winch, a system of rapid front leg setting, is a uniqueness of this crush model: it allows to lock and lift the front leg in a few seconds and also to do each operation on the socket with maximum security.



In recent years SPAER added the FODDER POSITIONING DEVICE to it's product range, used for cattle, bulls and other animals. It is used to move the fodder that animals usually push away from the manger. It is possible to complete the entire operation with a single round trip, because this machine is large enough to cover the necessary space.
The feature that makes this machine unique is the combination of the fore Archimedian screw ( necessary to move a large amount of feed towards the manger) with a brush behind the screw. The brush, acting shortly thereafter, leaves the floor completely clean.


Thanks to its peculiarities, the combination of these two components (Archimedian screw + brush) is patented.

Since the sweeper is self-propelled, it is independent from any other equipment of the farm and then can be used at any time. Moreover,the two side wheels allow quick movements even on rough floors, because the whole structure can be raised from the ground.


Furthermore, SPAER produces two different types of BRUSHES FOR COWS: the single and the double brush. Both are designed to cleanse and relieve the itching of the cows caused by parasites hidden under the cloak. SPAER brushes reach the back and the side of the cow, and make the cattle coat cleaning more effective, by massaging and cleansing 80% of the body. The aim is minimizing costs more than using traditional cleaning by hand.



These machines are made in accordance with current regulations regarding the safety of people and goods and in compliance with the requirements set out in the specific directives. SPAER brushes have a MICROSTART button that starts as soon as the cow gets in touch with it. Therefore the brush does not require any assistance.
The machine has also a TAIL SAVING SYSTEM: an effort detector makes the engine run reverse in the opposite direction.


Lastly, SPAER also offers SINGLE BOXES FOR WEANING CALVES equipped with: insulated roof (sandwich), front and rear gate, head restraint, stainless steel manger, pail holder and HUTCHES FOR WEANING CALVES to be put on the ground for 7 CALVES with panel sandwich roof, fence with head restraint, side gates, feeder and pail holder.


SPAER single calf boxes are built to create a comfortable and dry space (not on the ground) to wean the calf up to 3 months (8/10 months for the box on the ground), thereby significantly reducing the mortality of the animal during life first months.


Our factories are located in Montichiari, on the road to Mantua and for those coming from Brescia, close to the Exhibition Centre.