Self-propelled silage pusher


SELF-PROPELLED SILAGE PUSHER - Since the sweeper is self-propelled, it is independent from any other equipment of the farm; therefore it can be used at any time. Thanks to the two side wheels, movements can be rapid even onto floors full of holes, since the whole structure can be raised from the ground. This machine can be listed as farm operating self-propelled machine.


It is used on constructor's recommendation in order to operate specifically in farm and livestock fields, every time the farmer needs to clean surfaces on which waste materials and residues of feeding or housing or even bedding stuff are to be found (cubicles, boxes, etc).


Silage pusher


The SELF-PROPELLED SILAGE PUSHER was conceived, designed and manufactured in order to achieve the above mentioned goals.


Nevertheless it can be used also in other fields, i.e. as snow sweeper, yard cleaner, provided that materials, products or waste are completely compatible, from the material, size and chemical composition point of view, with the working parts and tools of the machine (that is to say the Archimedian screw, the main and side brush).





Weight 870 kg

Overall width 200 cm

Overall length 350 cm

Overall height 145 cm

Working width 180 cm

Maximum height 70 cm

Archimedian screw Ø 250

Back brush Ø 500

Side brush Ø 800

Oil tank capacity 45 lt

Fuel tank capacity 5 lt

Motor LOMBARDINI 19 hp 2/LC diesel-engine power