Silage pushers

The machine called "SILAGE PUSHER" was conceived, designed and built specifically to clean surfaces in a safe and simple way.

The materials used to build the machine, both with regard to the structural and assembling parts, are of high quality standards.


Its construction cycle is executed in a manner which ensures a constant control during all phases of the manufacturing process and which avoids any faults in manufacturing, assembling or operating that could affect the safe and proper use of the device.


The machine has a long lasting and a quality standard for optimum operation, thanks to the association of high quality materials with precise planning and flawless control methods during the construction.


In the SELF-PROPELLED model, both the equipment used for the fodder positioning and those used for the shed cleaning are oil-fired. All the different types of internal combustion engines that are installed comply with current European directives relating to both air emissions and are soundproof.



The SELF-PROPELLED SILAGE PUSHER operates completely independently. An auxiliary engine serves as source of hydraulic energy that, thanks to two hydraulic systems, enables both the operational functioning in a simple and effective way and the translation of the machine with maximum precision and easy steering.


From the command post (i.e., being seated on a comfortable seat), it is possible, using a few devices, to start all the working operations the machine can carry out. We can execute fast and precise shifts, thanks to the rear steering wheel and to the articulated front frame, leading devices for collecting and cleaning up. It is also possible to reverse.


The SELF-PROPELLED SILAGE PUSHER and the SILAGE PUSHER ATTACHABLE TO THE TRACTOR are both suitable in cattle, bulls livestock, since they move the feed residues to the manger, which usually tend to be removed by the animal. Moreover, since these machines are large enough to cover the required space, it is possible to complete the entire operation with one round trip.


The feature that makes the SILAGE PUSHER unique is the combination of the fore Archimedian screw (necessary to handle a large amount of feed to the manger) with a rear brush, acting shortly thereafter, that leaves the barn floor completely clean.
The combination of these two components - Archimedian screw and brush - is covered by a PATENT.

The work cycle is realized in the following phases:

1. the Archimedian screw repositions the scattered material on the floor
2. the main brush, transverse, occupying the entire width of the machine, cleans the area that has been cleared from the cochlea
3. the side brush allows the cleaning of the areas not reached by the main brush.