Single cow brush

SPAER BRUSH CLEANER FOR COWS (available in 2 versions: single or double) was designed to clean cows and give them relief from itching caused by parasites that hide under their coats. SPAER brushes reach the back and side of the cow, massaging and cleansing 80% of the body, making more effective the cleaning of the cattle surface. The aim is reducing and minimizing the cost, in comparison to traditional manual cleaning.



The cleanser has a MICROSTART that, once a cow gets in touch with the scrub brush, makes the brush start rotating and cleaning the animal, so that the assistance of external staff is not required. The brush is also equipped with an electronic system called "tail saver" which makes the engine turn in the opposite direction thanks to a detector of effort and with a mechanism located at the bottom of the brush, useful to prevent the tail getting caught in the motion components.


The machine has been designed in accordance with current standards for the security of people and goods, in compliance with the requirements set out in the machine directive.




As the cited legislation requires, the machine is supplied with:
conformity declaration issued by the manufacturer
• EC marking
• The nameplate indicating the producer name, the construction site of the machine, the machine type, the

  serial number and the construction year

The machine consists of:
• a fixed housing carrier (galvanized carpentry of 5 mm), ready for fitting the machine to fixed structure;
• a collapsible plate, based on the fixed cover, on which the controls of the brush are fixed, the motor (with its anchor shocks) and the swivelling holders (with ball) to start the brush
• a bottom grid cover, removable in order to allow the ventilation of the motor and to intervene on the limit switch (This carpentry, for safety reasons, is structured to resist breakage with projection of metallic elements).
• A motor, running at 1400 rpm', the collapsible plate, which starts the brush
• A chip that goes into action as soon as the cow comes into contact with the equipment, to start automatically the brush.
• An electronic device, protected by a special housing carrier, which would:


      • Adjust the brush rotation timing (90 sec)
      • Adjust the brush reversing (10 sec)
      • Adjust the pressure intensity with which the system braking TAIL SAVER should intervene
      • A circuit breaker
      • an engine saver
      • a green light indicating the presence of voltage in the system


• One brush, suitably shaped and rotating with 50 rpm' output, fixed to the swinging plate and controlled

  directly by the motor that:


      • follows the body contour cow through the swinging plate
      • stops in case of excessive pressure
      • reverses its motion in case of sucking the animal tail or in case of any danger to the cow during the



The machine specifications follow:
•230 V voltage, frequency 50 Hz
•800 VA power rating
•4A rated
•total weight: 115 kg
•brush size: 50 x 1000 cm
•optimum pressure on the cow body: from 5 to 10 kg