SPAER has been present in the agricultural industry since 1975 and has specialised in animal husbandry with a wide production of cattle crushes.


Nowadays the offer is made up of many types of products, all related to the cattle care and health.


SPAER cattle crushes are designed thanks to the advice, assistance and experience of vets specialised in hoof trimming. These crushes can also be used in performing different operations on animals. As a consequence, cattle welfare and production will be increased.


Aiming at increasing the range of its offer, SPAER added to its production the FODDER POSITIONING DEVICE - used for cattle, bulls and other animals -; and also two different types of SPAER COW BRUSHES. The single brush and the double brush, both designed to cleanse and relieve the itching of the cows caused by parasites hidden under the cloak.


The machines are manufactured in compliance with current regulations regarding the safety of persons and property, respecting the applicable requirements set out in the machine directive.


Last but not least, SPAER production includes: SINGLE CALF WEANING HUTCHES equipped with insulated roof, front and back gate, head restraint, stainless steel manger, bucket holder; and HUTCHES FOR 7 WEANING CALVES with insulated roof, head restraint, side gates, feeder and bucket holder.